Love at first sight......

I knew it was something big something lifechanging, the moment I saw the advert my heart starting pounding....."2 acres with large building, best bowling floor in the district, makes great hay....." the bowling floor piqued my interest - I think its a hall - you need a big level smooth floor for bowling! " The only picture it had was of grass that looked like it would make great hay... I was on the edge of the truck seat driving along that road peering out the window, the phone maps having failed me I was using the old fashioned GPS of following your nose....

Thoughts were racing through my head.....a hall - they are usually close to the rd....could it be a barn....never heard of bowling in a that a house.....must be getting another house.......OH MY LORD.......IT IS A HALL!!!!

There at the back of a large meadow she stood, a peak roofed beauty, the early evening setting sun which we affectionately now know as Golden Glow cast a glow over the whole scene making it all romantic and so magical.....My very first thought was "I want to get married here." I stood at the gate, savouring the

scene and took a snap to record the moment and send a photo to Eugene before venturing into explore. I think my heart was pretty much stolen from the moment I drove around the corner and spotted The Hall, but by the time I had wondered down the drive I was head over heels gone.

As I got closer I could see she hadnt seen any love for many years but even in her abandoned state still retained a quaint country beauty. Standing beside her was a gnarly big old oak tree which I stood beneath and watched the sunset on the surrounding golden fields.

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