Under New Ownership

Evan and Kristin are excited to introduce themselves to you as the new owners of the fabulous venue known as "The Hall". Fact up front: between us we have had 5 weddings so you can rest assured we have a reasonable amount of experience in organising weddings – at least each occasion we organised was memorable! Our last wedding (To each other) was while we were based in London so we even had different challenges to account for that are thankfully not part of New Zealand weddings. Our main goal is for us to provide each wedding couple and their guests, an incredibly memorable day of celebration in the style you choose and have captured on film as frozen moments of joy and happiness.

As an art and photography enthusiast Kristin enjoys visualising special opportunities and settings to capture memorable moments. She has also been a makeup artist and hair stylist for bridal parties over the years and has an eye for spotting details out of place and a flare for quietly correcting them if needed. As a natural therapist, she is all about taking good care of her clients and providing an enjoyable and personal experience for them. This is just as relevant in the wedding package as in personal healing and self care. So we invite you to please discuss with us/our team your plans and dreams so that we can help to make your day special, individual and above all, yours.

Evan will be trained as a celebrant, so that we can offer this as part of your wedding package in the future. Having had a long career as an officer in the NZ Army, he is very experienced at planning and executing complex events and activities. He is also very comfortable speaking publicly and is very culturally aware, people friendly and good at managing the unexpected. All this will ensure that together, we will both strive to make your event a special occasion, as you wished it to be and stress free but above all, tailored to your individual needs. It is after all, your special day!

Evan and Kristin are temporarily based in Egypt on a military posting so have chosen a competent and trusted friend to be our Manager/Face of the business in our absence. We will still be very involved and have our finger on the pulse. Sue will be the immediate first point of contact for "The Hall" and be present for the hands-on requirements of each and every event booked. We are very happy to offer a Zoom meeting to any couples who want to meet us face to face or to schedule a meetup during the periods we have a home visit each year. As Sue will initially be the ‘face and personality of the business’, we are proud to introduce her below.

Meet Sue, the New Business Manager

Kia ora! I am Sue. I grew up in the Waikato, moved to Wellington for work. I am extremely pleased to have my 2 beautiful sons in my life. They are off finding themselves and what their mission in life will be. It is now my time to come back home to the Waikato to be close to my Mum, and family. The Hall is the perfect place for me to do that. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help bring joy to peoples lives.

I’m a highly passionate and driven individual that thrives on the love of helping people (some people say I’m little Miss Sunshine mixed with little Miss Organisation). I have a diverse background in many fields that have given me wonderful experiences and a unique perspective on life. I specialise in networking with unique and talented people that will help pull together your dream wedding. My desire is to work with you to learn what your day will feel, sound and look like. Together we will make your day a special day, one you will embrace, love, remember and treasure. I look forward to working with you.


Rest assured, the excellent, unique venue and its products that (Previous owners)Eugene and Joanna have provided and promised will be honoured and delivered. The reason we have worked so hard to buy “The Hall” is that Eugene, Joanna, Kristin and Sue and Evan connected and believe in “The Hall”. We all saw the vision and see the future vision. Kristin, Evan and Sue look forward to providing you with the venue and experience our clients deserve. In closing we wish Eugene and Joanna all the best in their future endeavours. “The Hall” thanks you.

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